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Web Development Execution

Eptive’s STF (Start-To-Finish) methodology provides for Structured Framework to deliver Quality Software Solutions to Customers. Over period of 5 years of developing numerous software applications, STF Methodology has been revisited, tweaked, refined to achieve a set of standard process steps to be used in application development.

Features of STF Methodology

  • Build software architecture with true scalability and flexibility
  • Leverage programming techniques to the fullest
  • Establish an effective testing process
  • Promote reusability with components
  • Implement technology infrastructures that support Web development
  • Discover ways to mitigate the risks that lead Web projects to fail
  • Learn how to improve communication with users, design databases and Web database access more effectively, plan for user training and data conversion and much more

At eptive we implement the below process for Successful Completion of enterprise projects.


  • Define System Mission and Project Objectives
  • Determine Initial Project Scope
  • Identify Project Constraints, Risks and Assumptions


  • Define System Operational Requirements
  • Create Business Process Model
  • Define System Interface Requirements
  • Define System Security, Control and Operational Requirements


  • Determine and Define GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Create Logical and Physical Database Design
  • Design Shared, Reusable Components
  • Design Custom Application Software Components and System Interfaces
  • Design Data Conversion and Ad-Hoc Reporting Environment


  • Create Application Development and Sandbox Environments
  • Develop Application Programs
  • Develop System Interfaces and Reports
  • Conduct Unit Testing
  • Create System Cut-Over Strategy


  • Conduct Integration Testing, System Testing
  • Conduct User Acceptance Testing


  • Verification of Infrastructure for Deployment
  • Complete Detailed System Documentation
  • Train the Users and Application Support Team
  • Migration of New System
  • Optimize and Tune New System Production System
  • System Support and Evolution Strategy