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Security and IP Protection

Eptive provides wide range of security measures and policies required at various levels. Security and Safeguard for project Intellectual Property is of high paramount at eptive. Customer satisfaction is placed on high footing as their business data and intellectual property are of high value and cares for security.

Information Non-Disclosure

Written agreement in form of NDA exchange for business sensitive information to our clients so that they can have maximal level of information security and confidentiality. Before the recruitment of employee we take a written agreement from them and sign a Proprietary Information Agreement with the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as and when they start their job. It is also restricted to disclose the proprietary information directly or indirectly to any outsider who is not involved in the project along with restriction of usage, copying, publishing, summarizing and moving of the information out of the company’s premises. Enhanced security and safeguard of data, eptive restrict employees to participate in any other business or work activity during their employment and also prohibited to share knowledge in any way that may lead to unfair competition upon termination of their employment.

Project-based IP Segregation

We provide dedicated resources usage for every project to ensure and safeguard of threat to any unauthorized access of the client confidential information. The environment is full of ethical framework within the organization to establish the confidentiality of project information, a key point in Eptive. The projects are separated with proper security but can share information with dedicated secured LAN segment.

Security Policies

The security policies can be summarized in form of Data Security and Network Security. Both are necessary for security purpose.

Data Security

Project Data are prevented from unauthorized access by using Security Firewalls. Only group policies are used for authorized access to PCs and workstations in organization. Only the authorized personnel have permission to access important files and directories. We also ensure that E-mail and web-servers reside on an independent datacenter for more data security. Organized policies for established Backup and Recovery procedure is another major data security measure. Backups are done at regular interval some on a monthly and some on daily basis. All the backups are kept and stored in a secure location and the backup logs are maintained. The established internal control and audit system at multi-level ensures the tight security management which can reveal any shortcomings in the existing security system and provide checkup of any possible security weaknesses. Administration at eptive ensures the movement of removable media (external HDD, Pen Drives) which cannot go out of the organization without the written permission of higher designated authorities.

Network Security

Secure access to the VPN/VLAN/VNC is highly restricted to the authorized personnel only. The workstations and servers are protected with spam and virus in real-time mode. All the important infrastructure elements can be quickly replaced in case of malfunction to minimize system downtime. Wireless LAN in the office is built using the security-enabled technology.