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Knowledge Management Software

Knowledge Management (KM) comprises a range of strategies and practices used in an organization to identify, create, represent, distribute and reuse databanks.

We at eptive help customers to put up their plethora of insights and experiences synchronized with contribute - collaborate model to develop a human centric Knowledge Management Tool/Portal.

Knowledge Management SoftwareEptive takes a defined Methodology for Analysis to create custom knowledge management tools.





Organization of Knowledge

The usefulness of a knowledge collection depends to a substantial degree on the accessibility of the knowledge objects. Interesting issues here may be who has the authorization to add knowledge, what procedures or mechanisms are used, how much effort it requires, and how the new knowledge is integrated into existing knowledge.

Visualization of Knowledge

Vision is the channel with the highest information transfer capacity in humans, and consequently we rely heavily on it for dealing with knowledge. The visual display of knowledge, however, is a difficult task, and not many generally accepted methods have been identified. Here eptive helps to identify the visualization capabilities of KM tools provides, and how they help humans with the organization of knowledge.

Knowledge Retrieval

Most important aspect of knowledge management is the identification of and access to knowledge relevant for a task. Methods and techniques tool uses for knowledge retrieval, and how they make the retrieval task as easy and fast as possible.

Usage of Knowledge

The collection of meta-data about the usage of knowledge can be helpful for determining if some knowledge item is relevant for a particular task, e.g. through collaborative filtering.

Usability of Knowledge

One of the critical aspects of a good tool is its usability. How easy it is for the intended category of users to perform the tasks the tool is designed for. Success of any KM tool/app is dependent on easy adaptability of end users.

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