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Portal Development

Eptive’s provides various Portal Based Services to enhance customer Business Operations, Seamless Communication between Companies, Suppliers, Consumers and world at large.

We Leverage Web Technology to Provide you with

  • Content Distribution Portals for Digital Documents and Media
  • Enterprise Information Portals
  • Knowledge Management Portals
  • Business Intelligence and Web Services Portals

Portals provides for proven approach for vast information access and flow (internally and externally) with ease of access any-where, any-time.

Functionally Portal is a Spread of Various Integrated Modules like

Content Management

Objects like Administration Panel, Content Creation and Deployment, Distribution of Content.

Digital Data Management

Document Management, Version Control to help identify Scope Change, Storage, and Document Publishing. Data Capture which could be used for Data mining, Generating BI reports, Media Distribution and integrated search.

User Management and Security

User Registration, Authorization, Profile Management, Report Dashboard, Collaboration and Communication, Role Based Profiles.

External Support/Branding Apps

Forums, Chat Software, Blog, Message Boards, News letters, Polls, Survey, Ratings and Reviews.

At eptive we have capability to provide for value based portals using the 4 core-stone processes for portal development. These four major are user interface, content delivery, rich set of web services and portal management.

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