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Document Control Simplified
eptive's Engineering Document Control tool helps to implement "Knowledge and Process of Document Control". It is a Productivity Tool to Handle and Process Documents to/from Clients and Vendors.
  • On Time Delivery - by Institution of clear steps and procedures for point-to-point progression
  • Increased Personal Productivity - Increased Speed of Engineering Changes
  • Prioritization of Key Tasks and Activities to Improve Corporate Profits
  • Controlled Scope Growth - Reduced Project Rework
  • Identifiable opportunities for Engineering Change Orders
  • Reduce SubContractors/Vendor/Supplier Costs
  • Improved Customer Retention

Features of eptive Engineering Document Control (eEDC)

  1. Web based - Access anywhere, anytime
  2. Define and customize company specific Document Control process and philosophies
  3. Control and monitor internal document flow and also with external stakeholders of project
  4. Control and Visibility over a) Revision Cycles b) Scope Growth c) Document Status d) Transmittal Flow and Distribution List
  5. Helps for Management Decision Support system, a critical element in Engineering projects
  6. Cost Effective by avoiding Manual Operations and Redundancies
  7. Easily Configurable to Suit your Processes and Needs
  8. Intuitive - Reduced IT and New Employee Training Costs
Engineering Document Management

Boost your Engineering Document Control function with in 60 days - Guaranteed

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Our Document Numbering Philosophy tool will help you in implementing process and discipline among all the stake holders of project. This facilitates for Increased personnel productivity

Our transactions workflow tool helps in Control and Visibility over Revision Cycles, Reduced Scope growth, clear steps of document progression and helps to identify opportunities for ECO (Engineering Change Orders)

Discover the simplified document control procedures that aren't being revealed anywhere else.


1. Create your Company/Project Specific

  • Numbering Philosophies
  • Client Numbering Philosophies
  • Transmittal Number Format
  • Technical Query Format
  • Project Change Notice Number Format
  • Project Change Request

2. Setup Masters

  • Define Document Revision Stages
  • Define Document Category and Class
  • Define for Project Phase
  • Define Plants, Systems, Departments, System Users
  • Define Vendors/SubVendors and Distribution Lists

3. Setup Documents

  • Project Documents
  • Client Inputs Documents
  • Consolidated Document Numbers Import
  • Consolidated Global Planned Dates Import
  • Bulk Import and Export

4. Transactions

  • Workflow Based with Control Points and Check Flags
  • Auto Transmittal Generation
  • Single Click Notification to Stakeholders in Distribution List
  • Integrated Flow Management Between Service Provider, Vendors and Client

Learn What it takes to implement a fast, efficient, accurate and measurable Documentation Control...

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