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Quote tool for t1 pricing, mpls network pricing, colocation pricing, metro ethernet and wan.

We are excitied to help with Productivity Enhancement Apps for Carriers and Data Center sales teams.

What was the timeframe for below quote requests?

  • EA Circuits - 69
  • Colo Cabinets - 52
  • WAN Circuits - 162

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Lets help you to optimize your Quote Turnaround time by 70%

Application Features:

  • Decrease the amount it take to turn around a quote to a customer.
  • Helps reps understand where our strengths are.
  • Increase the number of quotes we can produce which leads to increased sales.
  • Insure correct margins are being quoted.
  • Provide visibility of quote activity to managers (direct and indirect).
  • Encourage cross market opportunities which leads to stickier customers.
  • Provide one repository for information.
  • Creates a platform that can be expanded for additional automation (proposals, contracts, provisioning).